The Ilford Film Package

This is by no means fresh news, but I thought I would share it regardless.  This is a new packaging design for Ilford 120 Film and I think its totally fantastic.  I love medium format film (and film in general) and I would love to open a package and load film that looks like this.  Unfortunately I don’t ever share any of my film photographs here or on Flickr because I don’t have a scanner.  But one day hopefully.  After Christmas maybe???!!!

Anyway, back to the post.  Basically this is a multifunctional piece.  It’s a beautiful way to package the film but it also doubles as a pinhole camera!  There is an included instruction manual that shows you how to fold the camera in a mish-mash and then vuala you have a Pinehole Camera to play with.  Check out some of the sample photos here

Original post can be found here.


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