1. Cipher said:

    Nice shots. It would be interesting to see a side-by-side set of photos – one side shot on black and white film, one side shot digital and converted to black and white. What would the differences be?

  2. The difference would be in grain, dust, scratches, and lens flare. What I love about shooting film is that its raw. Its genuine and real. There is no BS in film. It is what it is. Whereas digi just cause you take the photo and it looks a certain way doesn’t mean that the end result will be that. There is so much photo manipulation that can still occur (not that every digi photo is like that, but you get the point). And don’t get me wrong I love my digi. I have a Canon 7D and its my go to camera. But sometimes its nice to go out with a camera that is simple, easy, and doesn’t have any digital gadgets flashing at you. It also teaches a lesson in patience. Digi is instant gratification, but with film you have to wait until the entire roll has been shot and then go get it developed and wait for it. Its a humbling process compared to digital.
    But to answer your question. I could emulate these photos with a digi shot. but that just takes the fun out of it.

  3. Cipher said:

    Good points. I see a lot of people trying to sell their film cameras these days – maybe I will get one and see what I can do. I think the last film camera I used was a polaroid and that was more years ago than I care to think about.

  4. You should totally scoop up a film camera if you can. Its well worth it and most are dirt cheap these days.
    Good luck!

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