The Rail pt.1

Went to the Rail friday night with Paul, Mark, TJ, and Curtis.  Pretty fun night.  I was also introduced to Copter on the way over to the park – I kill it (high score is 4398, chyea! in yo face).




Tj switch nose staller, beast


ouchie, but somehow he did it gracefully

Paul slanging some tunes, killing some ledge


Curtis knows this dude somehow, this was like a pivoty thing – totally.


mark, chyea


Curtis, crookedy nose slider


and a tail stinger


and a front heelio


and a lifestyler


surfing wall


the smiths


Paul and 2 randos totally getting in my way – game on







I have a few more photos from this mission.  I’ll post em up tomorrow or something.  I’ll be creative and call it part 2 or something like that and it will be just as epic as this – dang skateboarding is fun.


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