The Rail Pt.2 completed.

Sometimes I suck real hard at computer stuff. This was one such instant.  I have been stressing out the last 2 daysish at my computer saying “why, why won’t you create a gif super easy??!!”  Anyway I figured it out.  haha.  in yo face computer!!  I have a bunch more like this from another session that I’m gonna try to put up for tomorrow, unless procrastination gets the better of me.

oh and lets not forget the photo – TJ Rogers Switch bigspin tailstinger bigspin out. BAM.  I wasn’t actually planning on shooting this, I actually had no idea Teej was skating the ledge. I went over to this spot to shoot Curtis on the down rail (you can see him skating away from the rail in these frames) and then I saw TJ go so I pointed and pulled the trigger.  Chyea Boy!


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