Monday Night At SkateLoft

Chilled at the SkateLoft monday night with Curtis Hartshorn, Mark Colquhoun, Jesse Mullins, Bobby DeKeyzer, Joel Scullard, and Nicky Young.  We had a lot of fun just messing around.  Its a super fun spot to skate – low key and the jams are pumping – lots of hova that night (does saying it like that boost my street cred?)  Anyway, here are some photos of the awesome that went down.

bob & joel – cause they’re young and they’re black and they’re hats are real low.

Bob – back blunt as shot by joel Chyea!


Andrew – feebing, just met this dude on monday and he rips.


Bob – i think stroking his hair or twirling it around his finger


Joel, Chyea!


Joel aka L.L Tailio (wow that was cheese)


Jesse – flip fakie


Bob – bobbyness


Nicky Young – 3 flip.  Just met this dude monday too and it turns out he is a fellow photog.  He let me borrow his fisheye cause I sold mine just last week (and on that note if anyone knows of someone selling a sigma 10mm 2.8 let me know). Thanks again bro!


Mark – getting some frontside.


Bob – Bobbyness


bob – I don’t even know what to call this thing, but its cool, I can tell


Joel – backside pop


Bob – I think this is mid backside flip disaster.  And thats Curtis chillin in the back – Unfortunately this is the only photo I have of him on monday – sorry bro I blew it, I thought I had some.


Joel – 3 flip for hova and the Empire state (more street cred boost)


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