To Tinker

I have always admired the tinkering spirit.  Tinkering shows patience, curiosity, and inventiveness – there is almost a romance about it.  I feel that having grown up in a fast paced environment near the hustle and bustle of city-life that this spirit has been  impaired and stunted in many of us.  We feel the need to drive 120 kph down the highway so we can show up to something, just to get it over with, so that we can  leave early, so that we can rush off to the next thing.  Nothing really ever gets the time it deserves.  However, living in rural Port Rowan where my wife’s parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents live has fostered this sense of tinkering.  No one maybe more so than my wife’s Grandfather.  I asked him this weekend if he could help me out with something I wanted to build for my camera.  His answer was a definite “yes.”  It didn’t even take all that long for him to come up with a rig such as the one I was looking for.  While I was in there I got a sense of some of the tinkering he has done in the past, things he had taken apart, put back together; either to fix it, use the parts for another project, or just for the fun of it.  His shop is full of of stuff each with its own character and history behind it.  It seemed as though each tool, shelf, bin, etc could tell its own unique story.  It was fun to watch him work in his environment.  Hopefully these pictures can foster this sense better than my words – after-all I’m a photographer not a poet, and a picture is worth a thousand words anyway.

  1. Nikki said:

    LOVE this post Hodg!! You captured his tinkering really well!! Great work!

  2. Vern said:

    Great work Andrew,
    I printed this off and gave dad a copy, all he said was cot pic I didnt see him take any pictures

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