Chance in BC Part 3

Went out skating one day after it had been raining.  We found some dry spots and Nic decided to throw down.  

This was the first spot we went to.  Nic was gettting his visualization on and feeling out that long bit of sidewalk.

While Nic was just warming it up Matty decided to come over and give half a gang sign while still rocking out the steel toes from work. waddup now.

After that spot Matty and our improv filmer Curtis (who threw down on the cam skills) had to take off for some dinner plans.  So Nic took me to some spot that sounded totally insane.  Sure enough when we got there it was exactly as he described it – “well its this rock thing that you drop in on and then ollie off and gap the sidewalk.”

First and only ride down.

Didn’t totally go the way he thought it would.  You know the ol “saved by the bell”? well Nic was saved by the rain starting up again cause this was actually nuts and I think once he actually stood up there his whole frame of mind drastically changed and that rock had some serious bumps and cracks in it.  Next time I’m out I’m gonna force him to do it though.  Just get some bigger wheels brah.

Then that day came to an end – dumb rain.


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