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I don’t have a lot to post right now.  Once again I’m waiting on film to come back from the lab.  While I was out in Los Angeles last week I went through a few rolls of medium format and a roll of 35mm (but thats not hard to do out there cause there is so much character everywhere).  I still have some clips from BC earlier this month but I want to do a little edit for them yet and to do that I need time, but it will get done I promise.  I was also out on Monday night with Mark Colquhoun skating and we got a banger photo – props to Mark, but I’m not sure when you fine people of the internet will see it.

In other news, a video I shot of Curtis Hartshorn this past fall was featured on the blog This Photographer which has some super cool stuff on it.  Alex Jones who runs the blog asked if I would do an interview with him.  I’m not totally sure what that means but I’m sure I’ll post it up here haha.  I have never done an interview before so this could be a fun learning experience.  I was also asked by Phill who runs an indy mag titled ontheplane to submit a photo with some words on it for their second issue.  I find writing words to photos a little weird but its a good exercise I suppose.  Anyway, I’m sure I’ll post that up here too when its available for purchase ($6) or for online viewing, just don’t make fun of my super cheesed out words that I put in with it.

Now click the photo and go check out Alex Jones’ tumblr and see the video of Curtis.

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