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Coral likes loves Tea Parties. She pretty much has one in her room every time she is put down for a nap or bedtime. We can hear her in the monitor talking to her animals and serving up whatever it is her imagination wants to serve her guests (her stuffed animals). So we decided to do a backyard Tea Party and bust out some of the tea party paraphernalia Laura has had since she was a little girl. The following is what transpired.

I was first introduced to this guy when I was in a friends wedding and he just so happened to be the one shooting it.  Actually its a husband and wife team.  I think what impressed me most about them at first was how friendly they were. We were all making jokes and having a really good time helping to make the whole thing seem really casual.  The next thing that impressed me was the quality of their work.

Anyway, I started following them on Facebook and I get to see their new shoots and stuff they have done and I’m always very impressed by them. Here are the most recent photos they have done, an engagement session, once again making it look super casual.

Here is a link to the wedding I was in that they shot. One of my cameras made it in there a few times.