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Coral likes loves Tea Parties. She pretty much has one in her room every time she is put down for a nap or bedtime. We can hear her in the monitor talking to her animals and serving up whatever it is her imagination wants to serve her guests (her stuffed animals). So we decided to do a backyard Tea Party and bust out some of the tea party paraphernalia Laura has had since she was a little girl. The following is what transpired.

Coral was a flower girl for our good friends Luke & Krista’s wedding. The tea cup was a gift given to her for being a flower girl and those are the very flowers that she carried down the aisle. The best part – I got to hold her hand as she walked down. 

These are by no means new photos, but I have cleaned them up a bunch. Those of you who shoot film know all about spot removal. Anyway, these were shot a year ago while out in Vancouver with the Chance Skateboards dudes. Mitch here is one of those Chance dudes who has always obliged whenever I want to shoot photos. Thanks bro.